Edison Ford Guest House Stabilization

Stabilization of the Guest House at the Edison Ford Winter Estates


The Edison Ford Guest House was the first building at the complex of structures to be restored at the Edison Ford Winter Estates.

The house was built in 1885-6 from a pre-fabricated design.


Stabilization of the house, repairs to the framing system, exterior restoration of siding, windows and doors, systems installation.

Restoration of interior finishes and surfaces.


  • Northern spruce wood was used for the structural frame. The building required stabilization, from water infiltration and termite damage to the soft wood frame.
  • The original electrical system and chandeliers of Edison’s design have been preserved. The new electrical system was carefully installed, lighting and service needs were closely coordinated between the designers and the curatorial staff.
  • New building systems including fire suppression have been installed in the house.
  • Interior surfaces were interpreted to the established period of significance (c. 1928).


City of Fort Myers


3,687 s.f.




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