Conrad Schlender Cottage

Restoration of Conrad Schlender Cottage at Koreshan State Historic Site


The Conrad Schlender Cottage is an important example of the modest dwellings used by the members of the Koreshan community. The “pioneer” quality of life in the settlement’s early years is reflected in the building’s simple architectural form and its structural features that are expressed as part of the building’s architectural ornamentation.

Located within the  Koreshan Unity Settlement, founded as a utopian community on the shores of the Estero River in the late 19th century, the site contains unique historical and environmental features.

Recipient of a 2015 award for Outstanding Achievement in Restoration/ Rehabilitation, Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.


Restoration of historic structure to its 1940s appearance.


  • Recipient of an award for Outstanding Achievement in Restoration/ Rehabilitation from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, 2015.
  • Featured in Preservation magazine, Winter 2015 issue, page 16 in Transitions section.
  • The scope of work included historic and field research, including study of the site’s extensive historical photograph collection
  • The Cottage was initially constructed as a simple rectangular wood frame one-story building with a “shot-gun” plan. The extant building is an assemblage of three distinct parts. The north and south cottage sections were joined by 1940s and the small west wing was added just after the the Florida Park Service acquired the site in 1961.It also entailed exterior and interior restoration treatments.
  • Conrad Schlender lived at the Koreshan Unity Settlement for over 50 years. His occupation listed as Machinist.
  • This project was partially funded by the Small Matching Grants program administered by the State of Florida Division of Historical Resources and matched by the Friends of Koreshan State Historic Site.


Florida State Park Service


445 s.f.




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