Art Hall at Koreshan State Historic Site

Restoration of the Art Hall at Koreshan State Historic Site


Constructed in 1903, The Art Hall was one of the most important buildings to the Koreshan Unity Settlement, a religious group that founded a new community on the shores of the Estero River.

The Koreshan Unity Settlement was acquired by the Florida Park Service in 1961 and is open to the public as a unique historical and environmental site.


Restoration of historic structure. The building had lost its cupola and most original porch materials.


  • The project involved historic and field research, including study of the site’s extensive historical photograph collection
  • It also entailed identification of lost features to be restored, and complete exterior and interior restoration treatments.
  • The period of interpretation is the late 1920s, right after the building was electrified.


Florida State Park Service


2,500 s.f.




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