Alva Library Museum Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Alva Library Museum


Constructed in 1909, the classical revival-style Alva Library building was constructed to house the library for the fledgling community of Alva on the shores of the Caloosahatchee  River.

In the 1970s, the former Alva Methodist Sunday School building which contained remnants of the Owanita Chapel (c. 1901), was moved to the Alva Library site.

The Preservation Plan envisions a new accessible deck linking the two historic structures  with new landscaping and site features to enhance the public events and activities held at the property.


Preservation planning for two historic structure, including enhancements for the museum functions and new site amenities for public events at the property.


  • The scope of work includes  field documentation, including 3D laser scanning and field measurements and archival research, including study of the site’s extensive historical photograph collection, collection of oral histories.
  • Stabilization work includes removal of contemporary features that threaten the stability of the buildings.
  • The period of interpretation is the late 1920s, right after the building was electrified, but prior to significant changes that occurred in the 1940s when new members of the community took over the site.


Alva Garden Club & Alva Library Association


3,400 s.f.




Alva, FL


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